U.S. Citizenship Preparation

InstructorChrista Casillas,  M. Ed.

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Teacher Contact: 702-235-3102 

Email: ccasillas@onlinecitizenshipcourse.com

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In-Person Meetings

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Required Textbook

There is no textbook for this course. Course content will be available online through Canvas, a web-based learning platform.

Technology Resources

Online access and an email account. For help with setting up an account, visit https://accounts.google.com/Signup. Remember to jot your email address down and store your password in a safe place. Students who wish to attend live online-tutoring sessions on Saturdays will need to add the Zoom app (Links to an external site.) to their computer or mobile device. You will be prompted to set up your Canvas account when registering for this class. 


Students can right-click on their desktop to have the page translated into another language. Some audio translations are provided throughout the lessons via Google Translate and other screen-reading software.

Course Description

This is a self-paced, monitored course for people seeking U.S. citizenship. The duration will vary, depending on the student’s schedule and level of commitment. The primary focus is on the naturalization interview and test. The purpose is to offer flexibility and continued support. Students are highly encouraged to ask questions via email, text and phone calls and will be expected to log in weekly to complete their lessons. Live support will be offered during the week.

Course Objectives

Develop proficiency in all aspects of the naturalization interview and test; obtain U.S. citizenship.

Course Updates

Students may check class updates via Announcements, as well as the QR code on this page. It is encouraged you save this code to your desktop to access class information quickly.


Coursework may be submitted online through Canvas or via email @onlinecitizenshipclass@gmail.com

Grading Policy

There are no final grades in this course until the student’s objective is met. Therefore, assignments may be submitted as often as necessary to achieve comprehension. The highest score will be recorded.

Course Content

UNIT I. What to Expect at Your Interview

UNIT II. Scoring Guidelines For the Test

UNIT III. Common Speaking Commands

UNIT IV. Writing Practice

UNIT V. Reading Practice

UNIT VI. Indigenous Peoples

UNIT VII. The Early Settlers

UNIT VIII. Our Nation’s Two Most Important Documents


UNIT X. African-American Slaves

UNIT XI. After the War of Independence

UNIT XII. Civil Rights

UNIT XIII. Presidents and Wars

UNIT XIV. U.S. Geography

UNIT XV. National Holidays and Symbols

UNIT XVI. Civics and U.S. History Review

UNIT XVII. Mock Interview

UNIT XVIII. Letter of Support

UNIT XIX. Instructor Background